We received an email from one of our customers, Ad van de Wiel, editor of the Moto73 magazine, a dutch magazine about motorcycles.

He wanted to rent a Vespa at our shop and so he did! He was so inspired by the experience to write an article for Moto73 magazine!

Do you see the red Vespa in the picture below? Click it to zoom: it’s one of the Vespa for rent here at Rider’s Nolo!

Here is the result of his experience, driving a Vespa in Italy!

Ad van de Wiel: his article for Moto73, a dutch newspaper about motorcycles!

As he wrote to us, it is a story about the love for the motorcycle.

Here is a segment from Ad van de Wiel‘s emails:

A couple of weeks ago we rented a Vespa at your shop. We were the guys that arrived just after twelve o clock when you wanted to lunch. The ride on the Vespa inspired me for a column in Moto73. (I am an editor for several motor magazines) I wanted to show you the result. This is the article in Moto73 (a bi-weekly Dutch motor magazine).


The story is all about love for the motorcycle. And yes we had lots of fun on the Vespa, all though it’s not a superbike uphill.

Thank you very much Ad, we appreciate very much your words and wait for you in Italy for a new experience!

And you? What are you waiting for?

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