Taleggio valley tour

A relaxing journey midway between Valsassina and the Brembana Valley which offers stunning views and a wonderful driving experience.

Departs and arrives in Bergamo.

Taleggio valley tour map

The route sets out in the direction of the Valle Brembana, where we recommend a stay in the distinctive tourist town of San Pellegrino Terme.

Back in the seat, we head out towards San Giovanni Bianco, where we can turn off in the direction of the Taleggio Valley or continue a few kilometres until we get to Camerata Cornello, where a view of the old mediaeval village is strongly recommended.

Deep into the Taleggio Valley we arrive at the towns of Oneta and Vedeseta, continuing alongside the Enna creek.

Once we reach Vedeseta, we leave the Taleggio Valley and travel into the Valsassina up to Moggio, deep in the mountains. We then take in Barzio, Introbio, Primaluna, Cortenova, Parlasco and Esino Lario before heading towards Lake Lecco, stopping in the beautiful town of Varenna which extends along the riverbanks.

After a refreshing, well-deserved rest, we get back on the road towards Lecco. Being such an important city in terms of tourism and economically, it is well worth spending a few hours in the centre.

After Lecco we finally set out on the last leg of the trip towards Bergamo.

Check out the Taleggio valley tour map.

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